|| Product Management

In the last 15 years I had leading positions in every department of the software development lifecycle as well as positions as Product Manager being responsible for the successful market entry of a product that was just an idea a few months earlier. This rare combination of hands on experience enables me to make well-founded decisions incorporating the effects on the other work areas in any given project.

|| User Experience Optimization

Enhancing functional user experience can increase user productivity greatly. I am offering summative & formative usability testing as well as managing the full user centered user experience life cycle from precise use case generation, efficient screen design and production to further optimization after general release of the product.

|| User Productivity Assessments

User Experience is a business decision not a gut decision. Good User Experience has a direct impact on sales that can be measured.

|| Process Quality Assurance

In every project efficiency is a key factor to obtain quality. One major aspect in my work is to reduce the rate of defect creation in all aspects of development, thus reducing the effort needed for quality assurance and increasing productivity. I focus on standardizing processes in order to industrialize the software development process calling it the Software Factory.If handover points and quality of artefacts are standardized, each project member knows what to expect and deliver, thus interaction is more efficient.

|| Solution Quality Assurance

Solution quality can be divided into two areas of interest: formal quality assurance that can be standardized easily and quality assurance of the content itself. The later requires more labor but is also key for successful applications. if the use case is not hit in the produced screens, users will become aggravated each time the use the software.

|| Competitive Analysis

In order to create a good product market research is essential. In my past I have conducted product and market analysis multiple times. For example my recommendations for a global content management system at DaimlerChrysler Services and a search engine for at AxelSpringer where followed by the decision bodies and resulted in long term projects that successfully delivered.


Management Expertise


|| Product Management / Program Management

Creating solutions that hits user & market expectations from product development to market entry preparation

Combining traditional specialist expertise with professional hands on management serves in guaranteeing the drive and punch that is necessary to create software solutions that strive within time, budget and quality

|| Project Management

Securing product and process efficiency and quality using contemporary methods like CMMI, PMI, SCRUM and others

|| Solution Management

Scrutinizing end user expectations and securing optimal transformation of the use case into software

|| Visual and Functional User Experience

Easy to use software that end users like to use through User Centric Design

|| Development Management

The development factory approach enables efficient defect reduced development much like a conveyor belt in automotive

|| Quality Management

Today performance and functional quality is best automated in order to run efficient frequent tests with every sub-release

|| Market / Business Development

The instantiation of a sales department and pre-sales and sales methods is probably as essential to the product success than the product itself.

|| Opportunity Invention

As new markets open through new technology, opportunities are created every day. All my life I have been producing software ideas and opportunities to innovations or to improve existing products. In my past I have invented numerous new technologies and worked on innovations & ideas independently often 2-3 years before they were adopted successfully by the mainstream.

I love to venture into new markets and create offerings myself or with others

|| Project Audits

On of my key talents is to spot inefficiencies quickly and offer resolutions to improve process flow. This goes in hand with my project and quality management methods


Domain Expertise


Workflow and process driven software products

- ERP Software

- Collaborative Project Management Solutions

- Content Management Solutions

- Corporate Portals

- CRM Software

- Portfolio Management Solutions